I can provide an initial estimate from good, clear photographs or jpegs. Please ensure you also send in measurements, maker's marks, full-views of the object and close-ups of the damage.

These may be emailed or snail-mailed to me.


If you choose to proceed, you should deliver or mail your item, double-boxed and insured for full replacement value, to 'The Antiques Boutique, Tickle Trout Lodge, RR#3 Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E 1B0 Canada'. Upon receipt of the item, I will clean and thoroughly examine it. If further damage or problems come to light (sometimes cleaning reveals hairlines, damage or previous restoration of which the owner was not aware) or I need to revise an initial estimate for some reason, I will discuss it with you. You will receive a written (email) contract detailing the scope of work and the agreed-upon price. I ask for a minimal 25% deposit upon return of your signed contract. Full payment is due at the completion of work; return shipping with insurance is at cost or you may collect your restored piece (by appointment, please.) It is recommended that you insure your piece for full replacement value whilst it is out of your possession. The Antiques Boutique does not provide insurance. 

Conservation & restoration work is currently performed between Jan - April - although you may send me your item at any time of the year & I will hold it until time permits me to work on it. Turnaround time is generally from 6 to 12 weeks from start of work, but does depend on the complexity of the restoration. Depending on the amount of work in hand new commissions are not usually begun immediately they are received. The restoration process, if done properly, can take a great deal of time, even so-called "simple" jobs and a client's patience is required.


This entails: cleaning, removing stains if necessary or required, reconstructing with any saved pieces using proprietary non-browning glues appropriate to the type of ceramic body, stabilising cracks so that they don't travel any further, filling any missing pieces, modelling and/or moulding with a close-as-possible colour matched product, sanding. This is the most cost-effective choice, but be aware that the repairs and patched sections will likely be visible (depending how busy the decoration on the item may be) because a museum repair does not include in-painting or pattern matching. This is an excellent choice for a piece that does not receive close scrutiny, or one that you want to conserve in its historic state. 

This is a much more extensive process. This entails ALL the steps of a museum repair, then these additional steps: filling of cracks and joins on visible surfaces, sanding, color matching of restored areas, in-painting of any design by hand and/or airbrush, glazing of restored areas, layer by layer recreation of special effects such as crazing, pitting, potting defects, enameling, etc, re-gilding if required, finishing.


I base my services on an hourly rate, plus materials. There is a minimum charge for restoration services of C$30 per item.

Restoration is a painstaking & time-consuming task. I hope you understand that I will not compromise my standards to meet a deadline. I therefore cannot guarantee completion by a specific date. But be assured I will do my best to offer and meet a realistic timeframe.