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Lisa is a certified Ceramic Restorer & is able to conserve & restore: 

  • Pottery

  • Porcelain

  • Bone China

  • Earthenware

  • Stoneware

  • Terracotta

  • Glass

Lisa studied under Master Restorer Lynne Edge BA (Hons) BADA dip ACR, in the UK.  Learning the latest & most up to date & ethical treatments, you can be sure that she will provide excellent customer service & attention to detail.


The term 'Ceramic Restoration ' can encompass Antique, Vintage & Modern ceramics.


Ceramics can be ethically restored to either museum quality (where the item is stabilised & the minimum interference is made to the piece) or full restoration, where the repair becomes almost invisible to the naked eye. While some restoration appears to be truly invisible - it will be detectable to experts. The techniques & materials Lisa has been trained in are very different than those of 30 years ago & will not discolour or degrade.

Clients may want a limited restoration, a crack stabilising or a delicate object cleaning. Lisa can advise on the options available for each item. The client can then make an informed decision on how to proceed.


During the process of full restoration your object will be inspected, cleaned, re-glued, chips & voids filled, and painted carefully to match the original artist’s design, intent, texture and sheen. Some missing pieces can be moulded and attached.


Estimates can be provided by examination of the object either by photographs & telephone discussion or by bringing your object to Lisa at her Antiques Boutique.  The Antiques Boutique will not exceed the cost estimate without prior approval.

Hourly rates are $40.

Travel: $10 per hour; $0.50 per mile. 

A minimum fee of $30 applies.

HST at the current rate is also applicable.


Lisa will be able to provide advice & estimates on ceramic restoration & the services she can provide all year round - however due to the seasonal nature of the Antiques Boutique, restoration work will mainly be carried out between Jan- April.

To view Lisa's Portfolio click here. Some before & after examples are below...


Click here for instructions on how to obtain an estimate.


Click here for terms & conditions & shipment information.

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